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    We now support github login!

    connect your github to LemonTea Right now!
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    Server Down: 2020/5/16 | Down for 3Hr 5Min 47Sec

    Sorry about that, but "Server-HK03" down for CPU issue, we have restarted and fixed the problem Affected: VPN, Forum, FTP Server, FTP, SQL, Minecraft(Cross-Server connection issue) Thanks For your patience!
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    LemonTea Minecraft Server

    LemonTea Server BETA Release! When? LemonTea BETA will be released on 2020/5/1 Join our Discord Now!
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    how to report bug:

    here is a simple Sample for creating a Bug report Summary: a title of your bug (e.g: you can break block on lobby ) * Make sure your summary is reflecting on what the problem is and where it is. Description: A detailed description of the bug. it should look like that Reproduce steps...